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Process Overview

Initial Consultation

We start by scheduling a consultation to understand your specific needs and goals. Our team of experts meet with you to review technical requirements, timeline, budget, and any unique preferences resulting in the creation of a requirements documentation worksheet.

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Supplier Matching

Utilizing the requirements worksheet as a guide, our sourcing team will match your requirements against our portfolio of 200+ technology suppliers. Utilizing our technology platform & our experienced team, we select the top (5) solution options to present back to our clients.

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Proposals & Pricing

With your permission to proceed, our team will contact our supplier partners to generate pricing and proposals. We will format the pricing into an easy-to-digest summary comparing the solutions and pricing. Your team will not have to spend time meeting with multiple supplier sales reps, we will do that for you.

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Evaluation & Vendor Selection

Once you have received the proposals, we collaborate closely with your team to evaluate the solution options. We assess each proposal based on your priorities and provide guidance on factors you might want to consider. Ultimately the final decision is yours, but we help bring all considerations into focus for an easier selection.

Our Commitment

About Us

At ColoCapacity we help streamline the procurement and provisioning of digital infrastructure through our user-friendly marketplace & innovative research tools. Our extensive portfolio of network, cloud, and data center suppliers represent the best vendors in the industry. Our commitment is to streamline the process of identifying and selecting the right vendor for your project.

At ColoCapacity, we believe in transparency, efficiency, and precision throughout the supplier selection journey. The outcome for our clients is a best-in-class infrastructure solution delivered on time & on budget.

Selecting the right supplier is crucial to the success of your project. At ColoCapacity, our data enriched process ensures a confident experience for selecting the right solution.


At ColoCapacity we believe transparent communication is the key to delivering on our promise to you. We keep you informed and updated at every step throughout the sourcing process.

Meet you where you are

Our team of experts can add value to even the most experienced technology teams, but we also pride ourselves at being able to help clients that are unfamiliar with a particular technology challenge.

Continued Support

Our team is always available to support you. We can facilitate moves, adds, changes, or escalations on all services procured with ColoCapacity. You will always have the direct support of your supplier account team, customer & technical support teams, but you will also receive lifetime support from ColoCapacity.

Industry expertise

Our unbiased approach & 20 years experience supporting these solutions provides you with expert guidance to complete your project. At ColoCapacity we track hundreds of deals each year through our technology platform. We utilize this data to inform our clients & help negotiate the most favorable pricing & terms during the contract process.

Our team also help you avoid suppliers that do not perform well. How many times have you been impressed with the professionalism of a supplier during the pre-sale process, only to be disappointed in their product once the services begin? We track our customers success & satisfaction and provide you the data to make a more informed decision.