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Leveraging Managed Services from Your Colocation Provider for Cost Savings

Enterprises can significantly reduce their IT management costs by leveraging managed services from their colocation provider. When entrusting your IT infrastructure to a colocation provider, immediate benefits are realized. Concerns regarding server and networking gear setups, as well as power supply sufficiency, become a thing of the past under the assurance of your colocation provider.

However, solely relying on internal resources for infrastructure management might overlook another significant advantage. Managing resources internally demands specialized expertise and round-the-clock availability, which can substantially inflate IT infrastructure costs.

Enhancing Your Colocation, Interconnection, and Cloud Platforms

To address this challenge, tapping into managed services from your colocation provider is essential. These services fortify and scale your colocation, interconnection, and cloud platforms, alleviating your internal IT resources from cumbersome tasks.

Managed services encompass a range of offerings, including distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) mitigation, intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS), file integrity monitoring (FIM), vulnerability scanning, and storage as a service (STaaS). Additionally, business continuity services ensure automatic workload failover to alternate data centers during regional disasters. Moreover, your colocation provider can manage storage and scale resources on-demand for data-intensive applications.

Embracing these services through your colocation provider effectively reduces IT management costs across key areas, including tools, expertise, and service protection:

  • Enterprise-grade Security and Performance Management: These tools, available at a fraction of the cost, are shared among multiple customers, enabling colocation providers to negotiate better rates and consolidate licenses.
  • Elimination of Internal Resource Expenses: No longer do you need to allocate funds for hiring and training internal resources, as your colocation provider offers 24×7 monitoring and management without vacation or sick days.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Assurance: Your colocation provider guarantees service protection and budget adherence through a robust SLA.
  • Predictable Budgeting: Managed services operate on a flat-rate pricing model, facilitating predictable budgeting and eliminating unexpected technology service incidents that disrupt budgets.

Additional Benefits of Managed IT Services

In addition to cost savings, consider the broader benefits of having your colocation partner deliver managed IT services:

  • Cloud Infrastructure Management: Expert teams manage all facets of your cloud infrastructure, from migration guidance to application deployment.
  • Security: Multi-layered security measures ensure a safe IT environment, including controls for physical security, network gear, and user access.
  • Data Backup and Recovery: Continuous data availability and rapid recovery are assured through regular backups and redundant storage systems.
  • Networking Monitoring and Management: Skilled professionals proactively monitor and manage critical network infrastructure, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Software and Hardware Management: Streamlined management of software updates, license compliance, and hardware maintenance is handled by managed services teams.

Furthermore, managed service teams act as trusted advisors, offering valuable IT consulting and strategic planning services based on industry best practices and technology trends. Aligning IT infrastructure with business goals, they aid in making informed decisions about technology adoption and digital transformation strategies.

Optimal Uptime and Agility with Reduced Risk

The strategic shift towards managed services is driven by three primary considerations. Firstly, downtime translates to lost revenue and diminished brand value, making optimal uptime crucial. Secondly, agility ensures swift adaptation and transformation, reducing technological constraints. Lastly, partnering with a managed services provider mitigates operational and cybersecurity risks, ensuring smooth operations and integration.

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