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      Digital Realty | Inzai NRT13

      2-Chome Otsuka, Tokyo, TX, 270-1352, United States
      Digital Realty (DLR) is a real estate investment trust (REIT) and the largest wholesale data center provider in the world. The company has grown to over 210 locations across five continents after going public in 2004; leveraging economies of scale to measurably benefit customers. Digital Realty delivers colocation, powered shell, private suite, and custom data center solutions. In addition, Digital Realty is focused on delivering relevant services to their clients such as move-in ready racks and cabinets in certain locations. The company is also focused on providing services surrounding connectivity to the Internet and cloud providers at multiple locations. Part of Digital Realty's growth can be attributed to two sizable acquisitions. The first was the purchase of Telx in July 2015 for $1.89 billion. The Telx acquisition expanded and expedited Digital Realty's ability to provide integrated services for SMB-to-enterprise customers. Additionally, Digital Realty purchased DuPont Fabros in September 2017 for nearly $8 billion, adding 12 wholesale data centers to Digital Realty's portfolio. Digital Realty employs nearly 1500 people and is headquartered in Austin, TX.

      Location details

      Building --- Power ---
      Year Built: --- On Site Substation No
      Purpose Built or Retrofit --- Single or Dual Feed ---
      Building Size --- Market Avg Power Cost ---
      Building Owner: --- Power Provider ---
      UPS null, null Generator --- Cooling ---
      SSAE-16 --- SSAE-18 --- HIPPAA ---
      PCI --- DIACAP --- Energy Star ---
      ISO --- FISMA --- FEDRAMP ---
      NIST --- SOC 1 --- SOC 2 ---
      SOC 3 --- Uptime Institute MO Site Award --- Uptime Institute Tier III Constructed ---
      Uptime Institute Tier III Design ---
      Private Suites --- Cloud ---
      Dedicated Infrastructure --- SLA 99% ---
      CCTV --- Card Key Access ---
      Man Trap --- Perimeter Fencing ---
      No cloud on ramps available.