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      Digital Realty | Building T

      Broderick Drive, Ashburn, VA, 20147, United States
      Digital Realty's Building T data center in Northern Virginia will be located at Broderick Drive. The data center is expected to be sized at 432,000 SF and could have as much as 32,000 kW of critical power.

      Location details

      Building --- Power ---
      Year Built: --- On Site Substation No
      Purpose Built or Retrofit Purpose Built Single or Dual Feed ---
      Building Size 432,000 SF Market Avg Power Cost 6.85
      Building Owner: Digital Realty Power Provider ---
      UPS null, TBD based on development Generator --- Cooling ---
      SSAE-16 --- SSAE-18 --- HIPPAA ---
      PCI --- DIACAP --- Energy Star ---
      ISO --- FISMA --- FEDRAMP ---
      NIST --- SOC 1 --- SOC 2 ---
      SOC 3 --- Uptime Institute MO Site Award --- Uptime Institute Tier III Constructed ---
      Uptime Institute Tier III Design ---
      Private Suites --- Cloud ---
      Dedicated Infrastructure SLA 99% ---
      CCTV Card Key Access
      Man Trap Perimeter Fencing ---
      AWS Direct Connect
      Google Cloud
      Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute
      Oracle Cloud