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Akamai’s Revolutionary Move in Cloud Computing and Data Centers

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In an era where what’s old is cool again, Akamai has set its sights on a groundbreaking initiative to deploy its Generalized Edge Compute (codenamed “Gecko”) in 100 cities by the year’s end, revolutionizing the landscape of cloud computing and data centers. This move signifies Akamai’s serious intent to challenge industry giants like Amazon by offering enhanced cloud computing and computing capabilities at the network edge, complemented by its renowned security and content delivery prowess.

The edge computing sector, long poised for explosive growth, is now witnessing Akamai’s strategic entry, leveraging its established position in security and distribution. With a focus on aiding telcos and enterprises in delivering lower latency and more secure connections, Akamai aims to cater to modern applications and data needs, including AI inferencing, multiplayer gaming, spatial computing, and diverse media services such as social streaming.

Drawing inspiration from cloud pioneer Linode, Akamai is intensifying its infrastructure enhancements in areas where major hyperscaler data centers solutions may falter. The deployment of cloud computing capabilities at the edge has already commenced in nine cities globally, including Hong Kong, Denver, and Marseille, with plans to extend to additional locations like Santiago, Chile, further expanding Akamai’s reach.

For those unfamiliar, Akamai’s legacy in facilitating Internet traffic for ISPs and content providers spans decades, marked by continual evolution, acquisitions, and diversification into adjacent sectors such as security and data centers. Over the years, Akamai has secured prominent clients, including Verizon, US government agencies, and Netflix, solidifying its position as a leading content delivery network (CDN) provider.

Akamai’s strategic acquisitions, totaling at least 14 companies, have bolstered its networking, security, and cloud computing capabilities, enhancing its already formidable content and media delivery network. Last year’s consolidation of the CDN market underscored Akamai’s commitment to meeting evolving customer demands, reflected in its expansive network comprising 4,100 points of presence (PoPs) worldwide.

The genesis of Gecko stemmed from extensive discussions with ISPs and top-tier clients, recognizing the growing importance of AI-driven applications and the need for proximity in heavy computing tasks. Akamai’s VP of Product Management, Jon Alexander, emphasized the imperative for applications and data to be omnipresent, aligning with users’ dispersed locations, thus necessitating a robust infrastructure.

As cloud computing continues to optimize Internet efficiency through centralized storage and computing, Akamai recognizes the escalating demand for infrastructure tailored to low-latency, compute-intensive workloads. This latest initiative underscores Akamai’s commitment to providing scalable, distributed services designed to meet the evolving needs of a digitally interconnected world. With the deployment of Gecko and its expansion into numerous cities globally, Akamai is poised to redefine the landscape of cloud computing and data centers, offering unparalleled accessibility, reliability, and performance to its clients.

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